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Referee Magazine Training Articles
Training Materials:
Fumble Mechanicsi
Penalty Enforcements Made Easy
2019 NFHS Footbal Signal Chart
100 Helpful Hints
EAIFO Training Materials
PIAA Lightning Safety 2012
PIAA Lightning Safety 2012
Blocking Penalty Presentation
2013 Additional Rules for Helmet Coming Off
Illegal Movements Presentation
Illegal Movements Presentation
Football Observer's Evaluation Form
PIAA Football Observer's Evaluation Form

PIAA officials are periodically evaluated by their peers to ensure consistent application of NHSFA Rules and local mechanics. This document may be downloaded and printed to use throughout the season to assess your fellow officials.
Training Videos:
2017 Blind Side Blocks Training Videos
Inadvertent Whistle Video
2014 NFHS Targeting Training Video
The Aloha Football Officials Clinic was designed primarily for the youth and high school officials in Hawaii. They use the NFHS rule book with some modifications for safety and timing. Many of the philosophies used in the NFL and NCAA have been incorporated into high school football and will be taught and used at the clinic. These videos are very good and are recommended to be watched to enhance your skills.Aloha Football Officials Clinic Videos