WPFOA Officials in City, WPIAL, and State Playoffs

The WPFOA would like to congratulate the following ,members on their post season assignments:

PIAA 1A State Championship – Bill Kennedy
PIAA Playoffs – Bill Kennedy, Kirk Jessep, Ron Haller
WPIAL Finals @ Heinz Field – Bill Kennedy (5A), Kirk Jessep (3A), Dean Lauria (1A)
WPIAL Semi-Finals – Denny Lauria, Dean Lauria, Ron Haller
D8 City League Championship – Mark Marusic, Mark Samuels, Ron Haller 

WPIAL Playoffs – Deron Tatala, Mike Widrich, George Myford, Scott Whipkey, Kirk Jessep, Bill Kennedy, Barry Crable, Denny Lauria, Dean Lauria, Mark Samuels, Brenton Tokay, Ron Haller

We also would like to thank our Rules Interpreters Denny Lauria and Mike Widrich for the fantastic job they did this year to prepare us for each week of the season and post season.

Keep up the great work All!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2022 will be another excellent year for the WPFOA!