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May 2021 Articles:January 2020 Articles:
Sideline Officials Cannot Just Wing ItFoul That’s Over the Top
No Connection, But There’s Still an EjectionNow, Later and Never
April 2019 Articles:May 2019 Articles:
No Chain Of FoolsThe ABCs of A-B-A
Roughing the Passer EnforcementPlay Time
September 2019 Articles:
Safety Glasses
Muff May Affect Protection
March 2018 Articles:June 2018 Articles:
You'll Kick Yourself if You Don't Spot These FoulsFine Lines - How the Boundaries Affect the Game
Special Dispensation: Defining a Defenseless PlayerSnap Location After Kick
August 2018 Articles:August 2018 Articles:
Dead-Ball Officiating in the Side ZoneRare Rulings Well Done
Formation Consternation Demands ConcentrationTeam B Fouls on a Touchdown
Snap, Lapse, Perhaps?
November 2017 Articles:October 2018 Articles:
Swap MeetWhat Happens When the Neutral Zone Expands?
Free But Not EasyIt's a Foul Now or Later (but not Never)

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