By Referee – January 15, 2019

Hurdling is an attempt by a player to jump with one or both feet or knees foremost over an opponent who is contacting the ground with no part of his body except one or both feet.

In NFHS play, hurdling by any player is illegal and results in a 15-yard penalty for a personal foul (2-22, 9-4-3d). However, NCAA rules forbid hurdling by anyone but the ball carrier (2-15, 9-1-13).

The risk to both runner and defender is evident in the PlayPic. Note that if the defender rises, the runner is at risk of being sent into an uncontrolled flip. That is also a recipe for a leg injury. At the same time, the defender is at risk of a head, back or neck injury.

It’s a very athletic play, but it has its dangers and must be penalized.